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Workforce and Technology Trianing (WTT) provides comprehensive and cost-effective training for individuals interested in expanding their IT skills or start a whole new career in IT. We've served more than 30 million students, and our team of experts is available to assist you in acquiring the right training and guiding you towards a successful IT career.

Why Choose Workforce Technology and Training?

  • 9-18 weeks vs. 2-4 year degree - Our program can be completed in 4 months and is tailored to industry demands giving our students a powerful advantage. We also include exam prep and vouchers making our program even more economical.
  • Flexible Schedules - WTT offers both day and evening courses to fit your schedule, emphasizing our military friendly IT class structure.
  • Job Placement Assistance - WTT offers graduating students job placement assistance, including free webinars for resume writing, job search and interviewing skills as well as access to our large network of hiring companies
  • Authorized Training Partner for Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and many others
  • Experience Working with Veterans - WTT is proud to be Military Friendly School.



Full Stack Developer Coding Program

Provides students with the skills and knowledge for both client and server side coding. The program features foundational and advanced concepts in mutilple coding languages for front end and back end developers. The program is structured as a hands-on boot camp culminating in a capstone project. 

Students will learn to code in Python, Java, and .NET languages. Skills acquired will include the ability to create, develop and package web and windows applications that include topics such as object-oriented programming patterns,
development of graphical user interfaces, data management, threading, and unit testing.  


Cybersecurity Program

The program is 128 hours of classes focusing on cybersecurity, from an introductory course to advanced Cybersecurity concepts that help validate your ability and competence to work as a Cybersecurity Analyst.

Course include:

CertNexus CyberSAFE

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst Certification (CySA+)

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Certification (CASP+)


"I have been with my new company for approximately 5 months now.I must say that I did not expect to be placed in such a wonderful position, and so promptly. You were able to meet all my requests as far as salary, travel and location. I came to New Horizons (now WTT) because of your job placement assistance and what I left with was 6 months of quality education and the knowledge to do my job to the best of my abilities. And to anybody who asks, I always recommend New Horizons (now WTT), it’s well worth the investment"

Matthew Little

"“New Horizons (now WTT) was what I needed to move my career forward. The quality and variety of the classes offered combined with the personal attention I got from the staff and instructors is what helped me to keep motivated and focused on my goals. Without the right certifications, the chances of getting your foot in the door are slim. If you want to move up, it’s a necessity! If you want to learn something new, New Horizons (now WTT) is the way to stop talking and start doing."

Mark A. Reinertson