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Sigma 300 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program

3 DAY(S)


Lean and Six Sigma are structured methodologies companies use to reduce waste, eliminate non-value-added actions and reduce cycle time in any manufacturing, transactional or service process. Combining Lean with Six Sigma has proven beneficial because it produces both short-term results through the power of Lean, and long-term change through the power of Six Sigma. It is for this reason many companies are turning to a combined Lean Six Sigma effort, and are looking for capable Lean Six Sigma practitioners. The SIGMA programs (Preparatory Programs for Lean Six Sigma White, Yellow, Green, and Black Belts)  offered by New Horizons Computer Learning Center of St. Louis are designed as building blocks to ultimately achieving Six Sigma Black Belt certification.  Each program is a prerequisite for the next, however the entire program is accelerated so the instruction portion can be completed in one week.  There are homework assignments for each program that must be completed and returned for a student to be considered for certification.